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About Us

About Us

EKS Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology company integrating R&D, design, process design, production and sales of dental orthodontic products. We are committed to the development of high-end orthodontic consumables, production process design, brand marketing and the provision of customer solutions. Through professional and sincere service, pragmatic and efficient solutions, we will bring more to every customer who chooses Eksen Surprise.

Business philosophy
People with common aspirations gather together, cooperate with each other, trust and benefit each other, and endure forever!
After completing each goal, keep going without arrogance or rashness, and create a broader space!
On the road to climb higher in your career, step by step across obstacles and work hard for the common goal!

Core competence
Safe and reliable-Let consumers have high trust in the brand’s products, services and related performance, and use it with peace of mind!
Full of wisdom-products and services can not only adapt to various needs, but also provide more performance than expected!
Industry benchmark-has obvious core competitiveness in product design and development services and brand marketing, can continue to develop and create corresponding standards!
Responsibility-each product has been carefully planned and selected, and it is worthy of consumers to use with peace of mind and endorse their quality commitment!


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