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Both self-ligating brackets and ordinary brackets are made of metal or ceramic materials. What are the differences between self-ligating brackets and ordinary brackets?

Self-locking braces

self-ligating braces

common braces

common braces


I. Protection of soft tissue:
The self-ligating bracket can effectively avoid the destruction of soft tissue, and it is also more safe to wear.However, ordinary bracket correction technology requires the use of some small steel wires and arch wires to fix each other, so in this process, it is easy to cause soft tissue damage.
Two, the influence of ligation wire:
There are ligation wires around the ordinary brackets, but not the self-ligating brackets.
In the ligation process of ordinary brackets, it is easy to generate a certain friction force artificially. The greater the friction force, the longer the correction time will be.Since the self-ligating brackets do not need ligation wire ligation, relatively speaking, the friction force can be reduced to a certain extent, so that the tooth can move faster and the correction time can be reduced.
Because of low friction, the self-ligating bracket uses subtle light force to realize tooth movement, so it is more comfortable for patients to wear and can reduce discomfort and pain.
Disadvantages of self-locking brackets:
1. It is difficult to locate the self-ligating bracket, so it is relatively difficult to paste the bracket.
2. In addition, it is more difficult to replace the chain leather ring in the self-ligating bracket, so it brings a lot of inconvenience when the bow wire is removed.
3. The friction of the self-ligating bracket is relatively small. Although it has certain advantages, it also brings some disadvantages, that is, it will cause the bow wire to fall off easily.
Three, how to choose:
Relative to the advantages and disadvantages between the two, the self-ligating bracket has obvious advantages.
Self-ligating brackets can greatly reduce the friction resistance between steel wire and brackets.Because orthodontic treatment of moving teeth needs to overcome the friction resistance between the wire and brackets, the greater the friction, the greater the need for orthodontic force, the slower the speed of movement, the longer the time needed for orthodontic treatment, so the self-ligating brackets compared with ordinary braces can shorten the correction period.
In addition,self-ligating brackets can extend the time interval of return visit. The return visit interval of traditional fixed orthodontics is about 4 weeks, which means that patients need to go to the hospital for adjustment once a month. However, the return visit interval of self-ligating brackets for correction can be extended to 8 ~ 10 weeks, which means that patients can go to the hospital for adjustment once every two months.



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