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An overview of orthodontics

Malocclusion, periodontal disease and dental caries are the three major oral diseases at present. Oral malformation is a common disease in oral diseases caused by abnormal genetic conditions of teeth, maxillary bone, craniofacial volume and morphology.
Orthodontic means to adjust the position of jaw bone, teeth, muscles and nerves through various orthodontic devices, so as to achieve the neat and beautiful effect of teeth.Orthodontics are divided into invisible orthodontics and fixed orthodontics. Invisible orthodontics is an innovative orthodontic method for teeth. Compared with traditional orthodontics, it has the advantages of invisible aesthetics, long follow-up period, visualization of treatment expectation, high automation and cleanliness.
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In China, dental implant patients accounted for the highest proportion (40.02%), followed by orthodontics and intramaxillary orthodontics (29.88%).
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Ii. Development status of orthodontics
In the upstream segment of the oral cavity, invisible orthodontics, digitalization by the chair, implants and CBCT maintain a high degree of boom. In 2018, the market growth rate is 33.73%, 24.33%, 23.58% and 18.04%, respectively. Among them, the invisible orthodontics market has the largest growth rate, higher than the overall growth rate of the oral cavity industry.



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