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dental interdental brush orthodontic cleaning kits

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Model Number:dental cleaning kit
Type:Orthodontic Materials
Make up:teeth brush, interdental brush, dental floss
name:Dental floss kits dental interdental brush orthodontic cleaning kits
Model:orthodontic cleaning kits
Package:6 items per set
Style:orthodontic interdental brush
Kind:dental floss orthodontic kits
Brand Name:ESKEN

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1.For cleaning brackets and other orthodontic appliances.
2. V trimmed bristles for effective cleaning around brackets and wires.
3. Long narrow neck for easy access to difficult Areas.
Interdental Brush:
1. Insert brush straight in and out motions several times in each space.
2. Rinse mouth and clean brush with tidewater
3. Always cover brush with cap
Dental Floss:
1.Clinically proven advanced stain removal technology for quickly and safely eliminating stains , including tobacco and coffee, between teeth.
2. Floss Rite dental floss also effectively removess food particles and plaque between teeth helping prevent gum disease.

Packaging Details:Dental floss kits dental interdental brush orthodontic cleaning kits with CE ISO :Plastic Packing



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