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Orthodontic bracket/

Orthodontic self ligating bracekt with CE

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:ESKEN
Model Number:1027
Type:Orthodontic Materials
Material:Stainless Steel
Hook:W/O Hook, 3W/Hook, 345W/Hook
Name:Orthodontic self ligating bracekt with CE
Brand:ESKEN Orthodontic
Package:20pcs/Plastic Box

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Adopting a passive slide design, which effectively provides consistent low friction orthodontic force system.
The edge of slot are designed with comfortable arc-shaped and smooth schemes. which facilitate release of binding foce and notching resistantance between wire and bracket.
Hightlight No.2
Innovative hidden hook is designed to replace the traditional long hook. The new hidden hook can not only meets the needs of intermaxillary elastics and intramaxillary tractions, but also play a convenient role in intense adjustment at the later orthodontic stage. Compared with traditional long hook, the hidden hook has more advantages, including more beautiful appearance and less irritation to oral soft-tissue.
Highlight No.3
The self-ligating brackets, all adges and tie-wings are designed with comfortable arc-shaped and smooth schemes. Together with the design of hidden hook and consistant soft comfortable orthodontic force, the pain and discomfort of patients are largely alleviated.
Highlight No.4
Ultra-Slim Profile Design, with the premise that brackets should meet the requirements of the first-order bend and self-strength, we minimize the thinkness of the brackets, and provide the best comfort for patients.

Packaging Details
Plastic Box Packing: 20 PCS/Box Size: 13.5*8.5*1.2cm Weight: 0.08KG/BOX
Port:HangZhouLead Time :
Within 3 days after payment



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