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Orthodontic bracket/

The Metal Self-Ligating Brackets supplier is in China

Part of orthodontic braces:
1.E-legend Self-ligating Brackets
  Metal Self - ligating Brackets - standard Torque Passive.
  Metal Self - ligating Brackets - Low Torque Passive.
  Metal Self - ligating Brackets - High Torque Passive.
2.E-Charm Self-ligating Brackets
3.E-Unique Brackets
   E-Unique Bracket-Roth Mini Bondable.
   E-Unique Bracket-MBT Mini Bondable.
4.E-Elegant Brackets
E-Elegant bracket- roth mini bondable
E-Elegant bracket-MBT Mini Bondable
E-Elegant bracket-Roth Standard Bondable

  • Product Detail

Esken is a supplier of dental orthodontic consumables, dental equipment, clinic management, brand marketing and dental solutions.

Our company produces various types of orthodontic brackets, which have the following advantages:
1. The overall metal casting process, higher strength, more rounded surface, convenient and clean, reduce mucous membrane stimulation, more comfortable for patients.
2. The use of sliding cover, bow wire placement and removal is convenient and quick, the patient’s discomfort is reduced, the doctor is convenient to operate, reduce the chair side time.
3. Innovate the design of auxiliary holes, increase the operability of special cases, stabilize the tooth torque in the round wire stage, and assist the tooth arrangement at the right time.
4. Adopt high-precision mirror mold, fully express different torque, smooth and firm grooves, greatly reduce friction, improve work efficiency, shorten the treatment period.
5. Four-sided aurora cold welding process, high welding strength, bracket body data accurate, maximum reduction bracket thickness, improve the comfort of wearing.


Pictures of factories and products

Brace Products:

E-legend Self-ligating Brackets:

Self-ligating BracketsMain feature :
1.Slinding cover can ensure the convenience of placing and removing archwise, improve the comfort of patients,save the treament time.
2.innovative auxiliary hole design,increase the operability of special cases.
3.smooth and round edges,reduce mucosal irritation,bring more comfort to patients.
4.laser welding processes,prevent food residues.

4.less touch space of wires 100% low friction.

5.removable hook.

Technical Parameters:
1.Metal Self – ligating Brackets – standard Torque Passive.

Metal Self - ligating Brackets
2.Metal Self – ligating Brackets – Low Torque Passive.

3.Metal Self – ligating Brackets – High Torque Passive.

Metal Self - ligating Brackets - High Torque Passive
Open Cover Technology / Closed Cover Technology

Technology step
A. The closed slide design requires special tools to be inserted into the reserved slot. The rotary tool can fully open the slide cover at 90 degrees.
B.When closing,you can gently close with the finger.
C. Auxiliary slots allow two archwires at the same time for better finishing.


E-Charm Self-ligating Brackets:

E-Charm Self-ligating Brackets

Main feature :

1.Reliable bonding base design enhance bonding force.
2.No metal parts showing on the door.
3.Manufactured by ceramic injection molding provides smooth,rounded surface and corners design.
4.low profile design,improve the comfort patients.
5.Tie wing area satisfies different traction and ligation.

Identification System

Identification System

Technical Parameters:

E-Charm Self-ligating Bracket

E-Charm Self-ligating Bracket

E-Unique Brackets:

E-Unique Brackets


Main feature :

1.Vertical line for accurate placement.
2.Rounded wings increase patient comfort.
3.Smooth hook.
4.Torque in the base.
5.80 mesh,improve the bonding strength,reduce the shedding rate.

Low profile means more comfortable.

Technical Parameters:

E-Unique Bracket-Roth Mini Bondable.

E-Unique Bracket-MBT Mini Bondable.

E-Elegant Brackets:

1.Smooth hook and four-wing design,reduce irriation to soft tissue and improve comfort,to satisfy different traction and ligation.

2.High precision mirros mold,reduce the friction of archwire.
3.80 mesh,better bonding effect,stabilize bonding strength.

4.Polished sandblaste mesh dramatically increases the bonding strength by 25%.
5.This enhances the adheve-to-mesh bond strength and minimizes clean up at debonding.

Technical Parameters:

E-Elegant bracket- roth mini bondable


E-Elegant bracket-MBT Mini Bondable

E-Elegant bracket-Roth Standard Bondable-01

E-Elegant bracket-Roth Standard Bondable-02








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