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Orthodontic forceps/

Vertical bending orthodontic forceps 4J25-300

Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand name: Esken
Quality guarantee :1 year
After-sales service: online technical support
Material: steel, medical grade stainless steel
Shelf life :1 year
Quality certification: CE
Classification of instrument: second class
Type: Oral treatment equipment and accessories
Product Name: Orthodontic forceps
Settings: 5 PC/group

  • Product Detail

Vertical bending orthodontic forceps 4J25-300

The product description:
The orthodontic forceps are made of stainless steel in accordance with national standards.The series of orthodontic pliers produced by our company are made of high quality stainless steel material, which has the characteristics of high hardness, wear resistance, flexibility and convenience.
Product is used:
Orthodontic forceps are auxiliary instruments in clinical orthodontics. They are mainly used by orthodontists to bend the bow wire, cut the bow wire and remove other orthodontic materials in the process of orthodontics.
Disinfection method:
High temperature and high pressure sterilization is carried out with pressure steam sterilizer.
Matters needing attention:
1) Filament cutting forceps are suitable for cutting ligation wires within 0.3mm in diameter.
2) End cutting forceps are suitable for cutting diameter of 0.5mm or size of Dental arch wires within 0.019″ X0.025″.
3) Suitable for cutting pliers with diameter of 0.5mm or size of filament bending belt Bending and cutting of round and square wires up to 0.019 “x0.025”.
4) The plastic pads on the belt ring removal forceps should be replaced in time after wear and tear.
5) The orthodontic forceps should be handled with care during use or disinfection to avoid collision and steam Disinfection temperature should not exceed 140.Direct heating with fire is not allowed.
6) Orthodontic forceps should be often wiped with liquid oil to enhance maintenance.Do not make for a long time When used, a few lubricating oil should be dropped at the clamp shaft after drying and placed in good ventilation In a non-corrosive gas environment.
7) High hardness cemented carbide material is embedded on the orthodontic forceps Attention should be paid to rust prevention if not corrosion resistance.
This product has no contraindications, special circumstances should follow the doctor’s advice.
Storage conditions:
Orthodontic forceps should be stored in a dry, non-corrosive gas and well-ventilated clean room.


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