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orthodontics knowledge

Ceramic self-ligating orthodontic adult teeth is a device made of ceramic materials fixed on the surface of teeth with a special binder, which is used to accommodate and fix the orthodontic wire, transfer the orthodontic force to teeth, so that teeth move and rearrange, so as to achieve the purpose of orthodontic teeth.Because the ceramic material has the characteristics of high strength, in the correction process, it is difficult to dye, can keep the oral hygiene clean, plus with special treatment of invisible orthodontic arch wire, can greatly improve the aesthetic degree of orthodontics.

The advantages of ceramic self-ligating bracket correction:
Ceramic self-ligating orthodontic method is made of high strength porcelain material. Its color is transparent, natural, and close to the color of human teeth. The correction time is short, comfortable, beautiful and the result is better.
1. Safe self-ligating: small in appearance, beautiful in appearance and good in safety, it has changed the traditional practice of ligation wire ligation and fixation of orthodontic arch wire, without ligation, without plaque and dirt caused by ligation and oral hygiene.
2. Beautiful and durable: transparent ceramic material is integrated with teeth, ordinary ceramic tray does not contain metal, especially suitable for patients with metal allergy.The result of correction is more stable and less prone to relapse.
3. Precise positioning of brackets: the groove is accurate and well-made, so that the teeth can move faster.
4. Significantly shorten the course of treatment: it reduces the friction between the arch wire and the bracket, which is conducive to the movement of teeth and shortens the time of orthodontic treatment.



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